Hackers Seize Trump Court Docs, Release Could Shake Election to the Core

Hackers Seize Trump Court Docs, Release Could Shake Election to the Core

A hacker collective has asserted its possession of records related to the Georgia lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and has pledged to disclose them publicly.

Initially, the group demanded a ransom payment by Saturday, according to a report by Business Insider. However, they later amended the deadline, specifying that payment is now expected by Thursday at 8:49 a.m. Eastern time.

As of Thursday morning, no documents had been released, and there was no indication of any ransom being paid. The gang asserted control over files they claim to have obtained beyond the reach of law enforcement, although the amount of money they are seeking remains unclear.

Authorities reported the takedown of 34 servers on the same day. Concurrently, the Department of Justice indicted two Russians allegedly implicated in hacking activities.

The indictment alleges the involvement of the accused in over 2,000 cases resulting in ransomware payments totaling over $120 million since 2000.

Attorney General Merrick Garland emphasized the dismantling of the criminal operation associated with LockBit ransomware, expressing commitment to assisting victims in decrypting their systems and reclaiming access to their data.

According to a statement from the collective, they believe they were targeted due to their knowledge of the Georgian cases involving Trump.

Furthermore, the statement expressed frustration with stalled negotiations, blaming an FBI intervention for delaying the release of documents.

The collective's message also outlined intentions to target the government sector more frequently, suggesting that such attacks would compel the FBI to reveal vulnerabilities, thereby enhancing the group's capabilities.

In response to potential data breaches, Fulton County has reportedly implemented measures to mitigate any release of personal information, as per Atlanta News First.

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