Pence's Secret Notes To Jack Smith Revealed - He Set Trump Up!

Pence's Secret Notes To Jack Smith Revealed - He Set Trump Up!

A recent report unveiled that Mike Pence, the former Vice President and one-time GOP presidential hopeful for 2024, shared insights with special counsel Jack Smith that paint a troubling picture of Donald Trump's actions following the 2020 election.

In conversations with Jack Smith's investigative team, Pence detailed the turbulent period after the 2020 election, describing how Trump aligned himself with questionable legal advisors, endorsed theories that undermined American legal principles, and nearly led the nation to a constitutional crisis, as per sources familiar with Pence's discussions with the investigators.

ABC News revealed that Pence confirmed to federal investigators his doubts about significant election fraud to Trump before the January 6 Capitol riot, despite Trump's unwavering belief in election theft and his consequent reckless behavior on that "tragic day."

According to ABC News:

“Pence is the highest-ranking current or former government official known to have spoken with the special counsel team investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 election. What he allegedly told investigators, described exclusively to ABC News, sheds further light on the evidence Smith’s team has amassed as it prosecutes Trump for allegedly trying to unlawfully ‘remain in power’ and “erode public faith” in democratic institutions. Pence could take the stand against Trump should Smith’s election interference case go to trial, which is currently slated to occur in March.”

The report indicates that much of Pence's account to the investigators aligns with his prior public statements. However, his interaction with Smith's team also uncovered new anecdotes and details about the deterioration of his relationship with Trump, particularly regarding Trump's efforts to challenge the election results.

“But speaking with Smith’s team behind closed doors, Pence also offered previously-undisclosed anecdotes and details showing how his longtime friendship with Trump unraveled in the final weeks of their time in the White House, including Pence’s repeated warnings to Trump about the then-president’s push to overturn the election results,” the outlet reported.

These notes include Pence's contemplation of not attending the January 6 Congress session to certify the election results, citing numerous doubts and the potential harm to his relationship with Trump. Ultimately, Pence decided his obligation was to the Constitution and to God above all.

In a significant revelation, Pence corrected a sentence from his book during his discussion with Smith's investigators, emphasizing that he firmly told Trump he lacked the authority to alter the election outcome, highlighting Trump's awareness of his vice president's constitutional boundaries.

Furthermore, Pence expressed concern over Trump's disregard for the advice of experienced White House attorneys, instead choosing to follow the counsel of lawyers like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, who promoted unfounded election fraud theories. Pence's discussions with Smith's team reveal his disappointment with the external legal team's influence on Trump and their detrimental impact on the country.

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