Fox's Greg Gutfeld Announces Huge Life-Changing News

Fox's Greg Gutfeld Announces Huge Life-Changing News

Greg Gutfeld, recognized for his wit on Fox News' late-night show “The Five,” has recently renewed his commitment to the network by signing a new contract.

Variety reports that Gutfeld's new agreement with Fox is a five-year deal, a testament to the high regard Fox executives hold for his talent.

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott commended Gutfeld for his distinctive blend of political insight, humor, and writing talent that has resonated with viewers for over 17 years. She highlighted the success of “Gutfeld!” which he launched three years ago, noting it has quickly risen to the top of late-night viewership, surpassing all other shows in its category.

In addition to his current roles, Gutfeld is set to develop and present content for Fox Nation, Fox's streaming platform.

Gutfeld's journey with Fox News began in 2007 as the host of “Red Eye,” a late-night show. He later became a mainstay on “The Five,” forming a notable partnership with fellow co-host Dana Perino. His tenure has been marked by memorable exchanges with liberal commentators such as Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, and Jessica Tarlov.

Gutfeld expressed gratitude for the creative freedom Fox News has afforded him since joining the network, allowing him to offer a unique perspective to viewers.

In the political arena, Gutfeld has been vocal about strategies he believes former President Donald Trump should use against President Joe Biden in debates.

He suggests that Trump’s direct approach to addressing issues such as immigration gives him a distinct advantage. Gutfeld criticizes Biden for lacking initiative and effectiveness, contrasting Trump’s proactive stance on issues with Biden's reluctance to engage in debates.

Gutfeld proposes a novel strategy for Trump: to challenge Biden by highlighting national concerns such as inflation and homelessness directly, thereby compelling Biden to confront these issues head-on.

Through his renewed tenure with Fox and his incisive political commentary, Gutfeld continues to be a significant voice in Republican political news, offering his audience both entertainment and analysis.

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