Travis Kelce Hit with Major Backlash for Post on Jesus, Easter

Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce, who has been romantically involved with pop singer Taylor Swift since last autumn, is facing criticism after he removed a years-old tweet that raised eyebrows regarding Easter Sunday.

The tweet was originally posted on the social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, way back in 2010. Suddenly, it vanished, sparking inquiries about its deletion.

After it was rediscovered by users on the recently renamed platform on Easter Sunday, it garnered widespread attention.

During Kelce's third year at the University of Cincinnati — a period during which he was suspended for testing positive for marijuana — he took to social media to make a comment about Easter.

On April 4, 2010, Kelce tweeted, "happy easter to all!!! #shoutout to Jesus for takin one for the team… haha."

The Washington Post featured many of Kelce's past tweets in a November article, noting that many of Swift's fans were "falling in love" with his old posts.

The newspaper also highlighted the Easter tweet in question, which now leads to a message from X stating, "Hmm...this page doesn't exist. Try searching for something else."

However, screenshots of the tweet were abundant, and Kelce faced criticism for deleting it from users on the platform.

Kelce has not addressed the old tweet to explain its meaning or why he deleted it. Two weeks after his controversial Easter tweet, Kelce did share a gratitude message in which he mentioned God.

"I believe everything happens for a reason; God never said life would be easy, he just promised it would be worth it!" Kelce wrote.

In the tweet from April 21, 2010, he concluded, "I love my life!"

Kelce did not share an Easter message on Sunday and has not posted from his X account since March 8.

Meanwhile, Swift has faced allegations of embracing and promoting satanic imagery at her concerts.

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