Trump Makes History With Major Campaign Announcement

Trump Makes History With Major Campaign Announcement

Former president Donald Trump is set to address the Libertarian National Party during their upcoming convention on May 25. This move is seen as a significant milestone for the Libertarian Party, which has struggled to gain visibility alongside major party contenders.

In preparation for his speech, the Libertarian Party plans to present Trump with a list of their top ten issues. This exchange is viewed as an opportunity to bridge ideological gaps and initiate a dialogue that could potentially reshape political dynamics.

"I am honored to join some of the most independent and thoughtful thinkers in our Country," Trump remarked about the upcoming event. "We must work together to advance freedom and liberty for every American. A second Trump Administration will help achieve that goal."

Trump also emphasized the importance of defeating President Joe Biden, stating, "We cannot afford another four years of incompetence. If Libertarians unite with the Republican Party, victory will be assured."

The theme of this year's Libertarian National Convention is "Become Ungovernable," reflecting the party's opposition to what they perceive as dictatorial actions by federal and state governments.

Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate in 2020, garnered nearly 1.1 million votes. Although this was lower than the 2016 results, it marked the third-highest vote count in the party's history.

Commenting on Trump's participation, the chairwoman of the Libertarian National Committee highlighted the historic nature of having a major party candidate on their stage. "We will seize this opportunity to promote the message of liberty," she affirmed.

Recent national surveys show Trump leading with 41.6% of the vote, closely followed by President Biden at 40.8%. Robert Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate, trails with a 10.3% deficit, potentially appearing on most state ballots in the upcoming presidential election.

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