Victory for Trump! Biden and Dems Furious as DJT Gets Incredible 2024 News

Victory for Trump! Biden and Dems Furious as DJT Gets Incredible 2024 News

For several months, former President Donald Trump trailed behind his anticipated 2024 opponent, President Joe Biden, and the Democrats. However, in recent weeks, the financial disparity has significantly diminished.

Despite concerns about Biden's age and the backlash from the Israel-Hamas conflict, Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) continued to lead in fundraising by millions of dollars over their Republican counterparts. Although Trump led Biden in both national and key swing state polls, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Trump campaign faced financial difficulties, according to The Daily Caller.

In the last two months, the RNC and Trump's campaign have started to reduce the financial gap that Biden previously enjoyed. With Trump’s team regularly announcing record-breaking fundraising figures, one of Biden’s few clear advantages in a tightly contested election could be disappearing, strategists told the outlet.

“Democrats will keep up. It’s not going to be a blowout, money-wise, but they expected Trump to lose the ability to raise money by charging him with these over-the-top prosecutions,” GOP strategist Mark R. Weaver told the Caller. “They didn’t realize that the liquid they were throwing on the fire was not water, but gasoline,” he added.

Trump’s fundraising efforts ramped up after the GOP primary concluded. In April, the RNC and the campaign raised $76 million, approximately $25 million more than Biden and the DNC raised. This marked the first time in this election cycle that the Trump campaign outperformed their competitors in monthly fundraising.

In the previous month, the Biden campaign and the DNC raised $90 million, while Trump and the RNC raised $65.6 million. Overall, Trump’s campaign had $93.1 million cash on hand, while Biden’s team had $192 million at the end of March.

May has been a pivotal month for the Trump campaign, which saw a surge in donations following a Manhattan jury’s conviction of Trump on 34 counts of falsifying business records. The influx of support caused the campaign’s donation site to crash, and within 24 hours of the verdict, it raised $54.8 million. By the end of the month, the campaign reported total donations of approximately $141 million. Details on the fundraising totals for both campaigns in May are still pending, as FEC filings have not yet been released, the Caller noted.

The increase in fundraising aligns with the merger of the Trump campaign and the RNC. In the spring, Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump and allied operative Michael Whatley became co-chairs of the party organization. Key Trump campaign officials also joined the RNC in various roles.

“This was a much-needed shot in the arm, and although I anticipate Biden and the entire Democratic apparatus having more money, just like they’ve had going back to 2016, Trump needs enough to make sure that they can run the kind of ground game and turnout effort that he needs to win,” Scott Jennings, a longtime Republican adviser in Kentucky and veteran of several campaigns, told the Caller.

Jennings pointed out that a significant portion of Trump’s support comes from mid- and low-propensity voters and unregistered Americans, who are less likely to turn out on election day.

“When I think about what Trump would do with a massive cash infusion, my mind immediately goes to, oh, he’s going to put this into a ground game to ensure that these mid- to low-propensity voters actually come out. And if he’s able to do that and jack up the turnout among that audience, he’s going to win,” he added.

Weaver stated that the Democrat-led legal cases against Trump are having the opposite effect of what the Biden campaign and its allies had hoped for.

“It looked as though [Trump] might get beat in the primaries by Ron DeSantis or someone else, but then the Biden White House and its allies started bringing bogus and over-the-top charges against Donald Trump, and it angered a lot of people in the middle who see America as a place where the rule of law and due process matter,” Weaver said.

“Biden and his minions thought that they were politically drowning Donald Trump. But what they’re really doing is lifting the tide of his support in such a way that the Biden campaign will start to fall behind in the fundraising game,” Weaver noted further.

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