Candace Owens Makes Life-Changing Announcement

Candace Owens Makes Life-Changing Announcement

Conservative commentator and writer Candace Owens announced on Thursday her return to podcasting with the revival of her show, following her departure from The Daily Wire due to a conflict with editor emeritus Ben Shapiro.

The revamped podcast will debut on Monday, June 10th. Owens tweeted, “GREAT NEWS! The wait is finally over. The Candace podcast returns this coming Monday, June 10th. Because warriors don’t submit to the whims of self-imposed god-kings.”

Additionally, she urged her supporters to subscribe to her new YouTube channel. Her post was accompanied by the iconic “This is Sparta!” scene from the movie “300.”

Owens' criticism of Israel's military actions against Hamas led to tension among her colleagues at The Daily Wire, which played a role in her departure.

Her remarks triggered a series of public disputes with Shapiro, who is Jewish, culminating in her exit from the organization. Despite the acrimonious split, Owens characterized her departure as liberating, declaring herself “finally free” to pursue her goals without restrictions.

Owens has suggested that her new podcast episodes will address topics such as political correctness, media bias, and social justice, areas where she has previously sparked considerable discussion and debate.

A segment of the American populace that feels alienated by mainstream media continues to endorse her approach.

This new venture appears to be a strategic effort to expand her independent media presence, separating herself from the constraints of traditional platforms.

The announcement of her podcast’s return was met with excitement from her fans, who view Owens as a courageous voice in conservative media.

Owens discussed her departure from The Daily Wire in March, stating, “The rumors are true—I am finally free,” on X, and encouraged her followers to subscribe to her upcoming show. “There will be many announcements in the weeks to come.”

In her final appearance on The Daily Wire, Owens hinted at significant upcoming changes. She mentioned that her planned trip to Israel would enable her to provide a more accurate report on the nation's conflict with Hamas by witnessing the situation firsthand.

“I am team God… I do not fear the media, I do not fear [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee],” she asserted.

“I think that one day we are all going to account for the things that we have done and things that we have said, and I want to make sure that I am not a person that is parroting lies. Fear of losing your job, of encouraging people to spit out lies? I don’t think that works in the end,” she stated.

Reports indicate that Shapiro had disagreements with Owens over her criticisms of Jewish leaders, whom she accused of being racial supremacists. Owens recently expressed relief after interviewing a prominent rabbi who candidly stated that his race is “more important” than others.

“I think he views himself as better… or at least his race as more important, more significant, the history of his race as more significant… If you are honestly a supremacist, at least I can appreciate that,” she remarked.

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